LinkedIN Virtual assistant


LinkedIN Virtual assistant

LinkedIN is the most successful and professional social network that creates a lot of opportunities for people to explore new business ideas, meet prospective clients, increase the visibility of their profile, and also provide new career opportunities.
Building a strong LinkedIN profile is very time-consuming and you should have an update on every single change in the LinkedIN platform.

What are the benefits of having a LinkedIN profile?

1. Build your professional profile: LinkedIN provides the best platform to showcase your education, experience, skills, and awards and gives you full control over how to present your profile in the best possible way. LinkedIN profile gives a much better impression than your resume as the profile is closely connected to all the credentials.
2. Establish connections: Over 500 million members are in the LinkedIN network and almost 90% are active and check LinkedIN every day. It’s the best business-oriented networking website and gives lots of opportunities to connect to other professionals and establish new relationships or businesses.
3. Apply for jobs in LinkedIN : LinkedIN again became one of the best job boards these days and you will get an update on every job opening that matches your profile every day. This eases your job searching efforts and saves time.
4. LinkedIN groups: One of the best features of LinkedIN is LinkedIN groups. The groups give us the facility to connect and share the content with all like-minded people. Interaction with the group members gives abundant opportunities to learn the topics quickly.
5. LinkedIN pages: LinkedIN pages provide the platform to establish your company and showcase your work, team, and achievements, share posts, and polls, and upload pictures and videos.
Working on your LinkedIN profile should be part of everyday activity and since you have no time to work on this, the best option is to hire a virtual assistant to work on your LinkedIN tasks every day.

How do LinkedIN assistants help?

1. Creates a professional profile and adds experience, certifications, and achievements.
2. Connects to min 50 people every day.
3. Joins like-minded groups.
4. Creates LinkedIN pages.
5. Shares content on the pages and groups.
6. Checks the messages and responds every day.
7. Sends customized emails to the connects
8. Creates profile views using tools.
9. Posts jobs in the LinkedIN job boards.
10. Increases the visibility of your profile.



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