About us

Why IndianVA?

We know how your passions are important for you. We also know how seemingly insignificant (but very important) things like scheduling social media, tracking progress, researching markets, considering competitors can come in the way and take your focus away from what you love most. It can be an extremely frustrating feeling and can sap you of your energies, and often dreams. That’s where we come in.

What services do we offer?

Check out our services section to find out what we usually do. But if what you have in mind, isn’t listed out there, don’t despair. Give us a call and we can talk it over.

How to reach us?

If you are looking for a virtual assistant, then you’ve reached the right place. Alternatively, if you’re not too sure of how we may help you, give us a call or write to us. Or leave your number. And one of our team members will get in touch with you.

Our history!

the first virtual assistant services company established in May 2003. Our journey began with a US based media buying company where our team worked on banner designing, web designing and managing ad networks. We continued to work with this company and also added few hundred companies from 25 plus countries.

We have a small but very efficient team to help you with a tiny data entry project to a complex e-commerce application development. We have more of repeated customers and customers through our client references that really show the credibility we have developed in these long years.

How we work?

Hiring a virtual assistant(s) from IndianVA is a very simple process. We have a 5 step process that is accepted by our clients. 

  1. Send your requirements clearly to help us choose a suitable assistant to work with you.
  2. Interview/ test your assistant for a couple of days. 
  3. Select the package (Full time / Part time ) or talk to our live support team if you have a different requirement.
  4. Hire your assistant and start working with her.
  5. Communicate with her daily/weekly through phone/email/skype or Slack or Trello.

We have a team lead who can help your assistant if any help required while working on any tasks.

Our team writes & speaks English and available for 8 hours from Monday to Friday in Indian Standard Time. 

  • Skilled and experienced team (every team member has a minimum 3 years experience in their respective field).
  • Can speak and write near to native English.
  • Passion for learning new technologies and tools.
  • Friendly and fun loving people.
  • Patience to understand and work on routine or time consuming tasks.
  • Available on weekends on demand.
  • Support team available in Skype/Whatsapp/ Live support for 24×7.


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