General assistant


Virtual Assistant to work on SEO

The general assistant helps you in taking care of both SEO and Social media tasks. The objective of combining both is to facilitate the clients who might need both tasks to be taken care but have a few hours of requirement.

General assistant is available in hourly packages and monthly packages. Depending on your requirement, you should be able to allocate the hours to work on SEO and Social media tasks.

What a general assistant can do for you?

1. Installing required plugins for SEO
2. Writing unique titles, meta tags for pages
3. Checking the keyword density
4. Installing and configuring Google Analytics
5. Submitting site map to Google console and other search engines
6. Submitting the website to search engines, directories.
7. Sharing content in social media networks
8. Increasing connections and followers in social media networks
9. Interacting with followers
10. Joining groups and sharing content in social media networks and many more.



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