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What is an article?

An article is a piece of writing written for a large audience.

In other words, an article is written to interact with the readers. Therefore it should be attuned accordingly for the target audience. 

It should draw and hold the reader’s attention.  Though often confused with reports, articles are less formal. Although, they can be both formal or informal depending on the target audience. Also, an article usually contains the opinions and ideas of the writer, backed by facts and evidence. The topic can either be formal or informal; an article can describe events, occurrences, person, places, experiences, etc. Same applies for its tone and language.  

The articles are meant for propagating useful information about a topic. A quality article necessitates a specific degree of experience that only seasoned writers possess.

What is article writing?

Article writing is an efficient off-page activity that helps in attracting more traffic and thereby improving the website’s ranking.

Who is an article writer?

An article writer is a person who writes for publication usually in the form of short essays, in a series, creating an article that customarily offers reviews and opinions. Some writers publish their articles on a daily or weekly basis and later print the same in book collections. 

Why choose IndianVA article writers?

Articles can be written by a person or a team but may appear under a pseudonym or a brand name. If you need to post regular articles on your website but do not have the time, you can connect with our expert team of article writers who offer the following services:      

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