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The first move to your online presence is through an appealing, well-designed website. Visitors to your website should feel the purpose of their visit and must be happily browsing through your website without any assistance. We at IndianVA has highly experienced web designers who can design a highly customized, design rich, SEO friendly website. The team of web designers understands your business first to suggest the layout and design of the pages.

Responsive design is the mantra today where your website gets resized based on the user interface. The website automatically adjusted to the screen and makes gives rich user experience. IndianVA ensures your website is a fully responsive website.
We design static HTML websites or dynamic websites based on your requirement. Our team designs at least 30 static sites every month and we must have designed a few thousands of static websites.

We follow below simple guidelines to make websites

1. Colour and theme: we request your taste or brand regarding selection across the website and also the theme based on the industry you are in. Having a design that matches your industry helps visitors to browse through the site more easily.

2. Navigation: Very important factor in website designing. Every website should be easily navigated among the pages and breadcrumb would be very helpful for easy navigation.

3. Responsive: The website should get resized automatically depending on the visitor’s device.

4. Images: High resolution and relevant images must be used across the website.

5. SEO: Web designing must always keep SEO in mind and should keep all the work according to the SEO guidelines.

IndianVA takes care of basic SEO settings for every website and we also provide SEO as an extra service if you wish to increase your website visibility across the search engines.



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