A Journey of Excellence with Jumia

Revolutionizing Travel with IndianVA: A Journey of Excellence with Jumia

In the realm of travel and hospitality, one name stands out as a trailblazer in collaboration and innovation: IndianVA. Our extensive partnership with the travel giant, Jumia, is a testament to our commitment to delivering excellence and achieving ambitious goals.

Phase One: The Hotel Listing Project

Our journey with Jumia began with a profound commitment to comprehensive research and data management. We embarked on the task of listing an impressive 2,500 hotels in Nigeria. This endeavour was no small feat, as it required us to meticulously catalogue not only the hotels but also their amenities, ensuring that travellers had access to detailed information for informed decision-making.

In this initial phase, we laid the foundation for a thriving partnership, setting the stage for Jumia to serve as a one-stop destination for travellers seeking accommodations in Nigeria.

A Change in Leadership

As with any journey, our collaboration with Jumia encountered a change in direction. New management took the reins, temporarily interrupting our partnership. However, our commitment to excellence and our proven track record would soon pave the way for a renewed collaboration.

Phase Two: The Quest for the Cheapest Hotels and Flights

Jumia, under new leadership, embarked on an audacious mission: to become synonymous with offering the best and most affordable flight tickets. This vision led to the rekindling of our collaboration. Our mandate was clear—to scour 6-7 other portals, benchmark their prices, and secure the lowest flight fares available.

Our dedicated team of five individuals worked tirelessly, day in and day out, to make this vision a reality. We worked closely with Jumia’s teams based in Portugal and Kenya, forging a seamless partnership that transcended geographical boundaries.

Pioneering Benchmarking: Raising the Bar in Travel

Under Jumia’s visionary leadership, benchmarking emerged as our guiding light. We meticulously compared flight prices across diverse platforms, all in pursuit of delivering unparalleled transparency to travellers. This commitment empowered individuals to access the most competitive prices for their journeys.

Jumia’s unwavering aspiration to become the ultimate choice for budget-conscious travellers seamlessly aligned with their commitment to data-driven excellence. Together with Jumia, we embarked on a mission to redefine the travel industry, making affordable flights accessible to all.

A Journey That Marked Two Years of Excellence

Our association with Jumia spanned nearly two years, during which we contributed to the realization of their vision. Jumia rapidly evolved into a travel company known for offering the best and most affordable flight tickets—an achievement that reflected our dedication to excellence.

A Transition to “Travel Start”

As with any dynamic industry, change is inevitable. Jumia’s remarkable journey in the travel sector led to its acquisition by “Travel Start,” another prominent player in the travel industry. This transition marked the end of our direct collaboration with Jumia.

IndianVA: An Engine of Excellence

Throughout this transformative journey with Jumia, IndianVA emerged as an essential partner, instrumental in reshaping the landscape of affordable travel. Our commitment to accuracy, innovation, and data-driven decision-making consistently delivered results that aligned with Jumia’s vision.

As we reflect on this remarkable journey, we recognize that our partnership with Jumia exemplified our unwavering dedication to excellence. We are immensely proud of the role we played in helping Jumia achieve its mission of becoming a trailblazer in affordable travel.

Conclusion: A Legacy of Collaboration and Achievement

In conclusion, our collaboration with Jumia was a testament to IndianVA’s ability to adapt, excel, and drive transformative change. Our commitment to delivering the best, most affordable travel options remained unwavering throughout this partnership. As we continue our journey in the world of data-driven solutions, we remain open to new collaborations and opportunities to make a meaningful impact, just as we did with Jumia. IndianVA stands ready to embrace future challenges and contribute to innovation and excellence in diverse industries.





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