Testing assistants

Are you developing a new software application and you are looking for software testers to find the bugs in your application?  Hire a testing engineer from IndianVA .

Testing engineers plays a vital role in the software development process and they work as quality assurance team members. Designing, building and implementing an effective testing strategy is an important task a testing engineer does.

Testing is a part and parcel of every application, either it is a desktop or web app or a mobile application.  Using different strategies like WhiteBox, BlackBox, and GrayBox, testing engineers find the functionality and milestones of the application. The testing report is key for software developers in identifying the issues and perfectly resolving them.

IndianVA has a team of manual and automated testers to test any application. We have a team with great English, experience in developing testing strategies, understanding of different technologies and also updated to the latest trends in the industry.

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