Shopify assistant

Are you planning to set up an online store and choosing Shopify platform? need help in setting up your store? IndianVA can help you in setting up your online Shopify store.  Shopify is a great solution for setting up an e-commerce platform. The availability of themes, integration with third-party tools and also dropshipping companies made shopfiy an excellent platform.

IndianVA can take care of every single task involved in your store, from setting up a store to the overall management of the Shopify store.  You, as a businessman will have ample time to concentrate on core areas of instead of worrying about day to day management of a store.  Our team has worked with dropshopping  like oberlo and created easy products imports into Shopify store.

What kind of tasks our team can work on?

  • Designing Shopify store
  • Product uploading
  • Changing product titles, descriptions and images
  • Importing products from dropshipping companies
  • Order processing
  • Communicating with the customers
  • Working with Oberlo
  • Zendesk
  • Working on product reviews
  • Managing inventory
  • Daily reporting

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