server admin assistants

Are you searching for a website administrator or server administrator to manage your hosting, SSL Certificates or CPanel settings?  Our expert server administrators can help you.  Your core focus is on expanding the business, improving sales and not the technical side of your software or server.  Having an experienced server administrator would help your website to be 100% up and updated with the latest patches and plugins.

When your website starts getting more and more visitors, the default resource allocations in the server might not be sufficient, you may need extra services and support. Reaching your service provider for every small task is time-consuming and might affect your business.  Hire a website administrator to take care of every technical side of your servers and applications.

What kind of tasks your server admin can take care of?

  • Installing required packages and upgrading to latest packs periodically
  • Installing SSL Certificates
  • Fine tuning the web servers for best performance
  • Installing plugins required
  • Setup a new server or setup and manage a server in the cloud
  • Fix the bugs in the application
  • Migrating the application from one server to another server
  • Taking periodic backups of the application
  • Load balancing
  • Configure FTP, email and Databases

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