Real estate assistant

Are you in real estate business?  Are you managing everything on your own and need someone to take care of repetitive and administrative tasks? IndianVA can provide a real estate virtual assistant to share your workload.

As a business owner, your focus is always is to expand the business, close more leads but you are spending in organizing the work, scheduling, documentation, marketing. Outsourcing the tasks to a dedicated and trusted assistant would help you concentrate on your core business.

Our real estate virtual assistant can help in:

Our real estate assistants can help you in every task that can be done remotely. Except meeting clients and showing properties, we can take care of every task that is involved in business operations.

1. Scheduling your work (Managing your calendar)

All the important appointments you have will be scheduled and reminded by your assistant and that would help you meeting everyone as per the schedule.

2. Managing Properties:

Updating the list of properties is very important, if you are dealing with multiple properties in multiple locations, you may be using software to help you and your real estate VA can take care of it.

3. Marketing properties:

When you need to sell or rent the property, you need more prospective buyers and reaching the internet community would help you increase the leads and closures. Your VA uses the local classifieds, forums, social media groups to market the properties you are working on.

4. Expanding to new markets:

When you want to expand to new markets, when you need to do a survey on the properties, you might be using software like LandInsight Identifying the vacant properties and tagging the properties is a beautiful feature this software provides and we are using it for some clients in the UK.

5. Follow-up with the customers :

Your real estate assistant will call or mail all the prospective clients periodically and followup on the status and help them in resolving any issues in the buying process.

Why should I hire a real estate virtual assistant from IndianVA?

  1. Experienced team in working with realtors from US, UK.
  2. Have knowledge and experience in marketing properties in craigslist, Zumper and Zillo.
  3. Working experience in tools like Landinsight.
  4. Writes and speaks very good English
  5. The friendly team understands the client’s requirement in detail.

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