Research assistant

Are you working on a new concept as part of your job and need a helping hand to gather the required material, study the topics and generate an outline for you?  Hire a Research Assistant to help you with all the tasks that have research involved.

A research assistant understands your requirement in detail and sources the required material from the journals, magazines, surveys, legal documents, and research papers.

IndianVA has the credit of assisting research scholars in their projects from UK and USA. We had a team of research assistants working for University students in UK and we have gained tremendous experience in this area.

We have not only gathered the required data but we have analyzed the data needed to facilitate the thesis projects. The team with IndianVA understands your requirement and deadlines and works accordingly.

What is the role of research assistant?

  • Gathers information from journals, other research papers, magazines and from multiple sources
  • Analyze the data gathered
  • Organizes the data in the given formats
  • Support in preparing the research documents
  • Administrative support as required

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