Amazon assistant

Whether you are a product manufacturer or merely a seller, Amazon must be playing a critical part in your overall business activity. Amazon, as you know, is a global e-commerce platform which allows you to sell and buy products from a wide range of suppliers. As the site is one of the most popular commercial platforms its usage has also been increased immensely. This, in turn, generates the need for people to handle such accounts.

To cater to this worldwide requirement IndianVA also provides Amazon assistants whom you can hire on a monthly or hourly basis. Our e-commerce virtual assistants will be able to help you with a variety of tasks which would allow you to establish your profile on websites like Amazon. Whether you are using the American version of the website or Indian our Amazon assistants will be able to offer you excellent quality of service.

Out of all the different tasks with which our Amazon assistants can help you, the most in-demand are product listing, account maintenance, and customer service. All our assistants are experienced with these activities so that the overall outcome is always great. Apart from this will make sure that all the e-commerce tasks are fully supervised so that there is no glitch whatsoever.

Amazon FBA / FBM – Virtual Assistants

Amazon, the largest online market place, serving countries worldwide. Amazon currently operates in more than 16 countries and expanding further. When anyone considering selling through Amazon you have 3 options to choose from


2. Amazon FBA

3. Amazon FBM

Amazon FBA is suitable for those sellers

  • Don’t have enough storage space
  • Don’t have time and manpower to ship the products
  • Don’t have people to take care of customer service
  • Selling products online and other channels, don’t have much time to dedicate for Amazon

In all cases, believing the leader – Amazon is the first step. Amazon has more than 300 million customers and more than 62% customers in USA are prime customers.

FBA gives you following benefits

  1. The repetitive and very crucial daily tasks can be handled by the virtual assistant .You can focus more on business than daily admin tasks.
  2. Takes care of product listing, uploading images, descriptions, variations in your amazon seller central
  3. Manages and Plans the inventory for Amazon store
  4. Order processing and manage returns and complaints
  5. Provides daily reports on the sales, inventory, returns
  6. Finding the next private labels
  7. Finding the right keywords for your products (maybe using for best ideas)
  8. Image editing and uploading good quality images (sourcing from manufacturer or from the Google search)
  9. Managing advertisement campaigns for your Amazon store products
  10. Most importantly, keeping a very close eye on the account and making sure your store is safe and secure.

Why choose IndianVA for hiring a virtual assistant for Amazon FBA ?

  1. Highly experienced team with track more than 3 years in managing FBA accounts
  2. English speaking assistants to take care customer service
  3. Hands on experience in Photoshop and image editing tools
  4. Available 24×7 support and can be the first level contact for your customers
  5. Friendly and intelligent team knows handling customers perfectly
  6. Can do repetitive and regular jobs with accuracy and patience
  7. Quick learners and keep upgrading to changing interface of Amazon control panel
  8. Updates to latest trends in the market and provides necessary guidance
  9. Regularly researches and learns about new tools available which could help in increase in brand reputation and also sales
  10. Active in social media and creates social media brand and also increase followers in social media channels.

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