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In any type of business, you need to have a good network of people. For developing your connections and also for various business requirements. This can help you to call and follow-up with people located in different parts of the world. To maximize the efficiency of your sales and marketing efforts through calls you can depend on IndianVA’s virtual assistants. We can take care of all your telephonic requirements including both inbound and outbound. Besides, we are experienced in carrying out other administrative office tasks as well. We ensure you strengthen your relationship with the customers so that it increase your business manifold. You may want ain case you are looking to fulfill these requirements:-

  • When you want to connect with more people.
  • When you want to contact your prospective customers.
  • When you want to call your existing customers for marketing.
  • When you wish to call your clients for fixing up a meeting.
  • When you are too busy to handle or receive incoming calls.

Your requirement can be any of these or even something completely different. For this, hiring afor outbound and inbound calling from IndianVA is vital. We are affordable and can assure hassle free quality work.

Benefits of hiring telephonic assistants from IndianVA

  • Our virtual assistants speak fluent and grammatically correct English.
  • They are friendly and supportive.
  • They are aware of telephone etiquettes.
  • They work fast and give quick responses
  • They call up people across the globe according to their business hours.
  • Efficient and dedicated virtual assistants
  • Affordable pricing and packages

Services offered by IndianVA under this category

  • Appointment setting
  • Lead generation
  • Market surveys
  • Mail campaigns
  • Sales
  • Helpdesk
  • Telemarketing
  • Live chat support
  • Customer retention campaigns
  • Customer service

For any of these services, get in touch with IndianVA and hire afor inbound and outbound calling today!

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Great professional, working long hours all the days to reach relevant targets. Highly recommended

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Only the best

I met IndianVA in October 2009 and worked with them on few tasks and IndianVA gave me the confidence to take out my team in Canada. I am still working with Bhavani and team on Dotnet nuke project since last 1 year


Amazing team

I enjoy working with IndianVA, thanks to the team