Etsy assistant

Etsy is a unique store for selling unique, handcrafted items. Esty is growing rapidly and many vendors from across the Globe are now selling in Etsy. It’s a perfect market place where you can sell creative products and reach Global customers.
IndianVA has been helping clients to sell in Etsy and we have worked majorly with Jacob Bromwell (where we have taken care of product listing, image resizing and many more.

What kind of tasks can be taken care of by Etsy assistants?

Our team has been working on Etsy store since last one year and we have gained experience working with the following tasks in Etsy store.

Product Listing

uploading the products in the store, uploading descriptions and images and making sure that the product is listed properly with all the features listed and pricing as given.

Editing Images

sometimes the images you source for the product might need resizing to upload into the Etsy site and we take care of resizing and removing any watermarks.

Managing the stock

We ensure to update you on the stock periodically in a stock report generated and you will have enough time to refill.

Order processing

Though order processing is automatically done, we need to make sure that smooth flow is in place and customers are satisfied with the way the orders processed and delivered.

Interaction with Buyers

It’s essential to talk to the buyers to resolve any issues in order processing, quality of the product shipped, any issues in shipping, etc., our virtual assistant can help you in every phase where customer interaction needed.

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