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One of the first few e-commerce platforms to have been created in the world also includes eBay. It is a multinational corporation which is based in California and offers consumer to consumer and business to consumer sales possibility to its uses. The site is being operated and used in more than 30 countries around the world which turns it into a multi-billion dollar industry.

Due to eBay been an immense business opportunity more and more buyers or sellers want to create a profile online which requires professional help. At IndianVA we provide you with similar assistance so that you can not only operate the account but can also be one of the top sellers or buyers on eBay.

Hiring an eBay assistant from IndianVA allows you to handle the platform like a professional even if you are new. There are numerous e-commerce tasks or duties which our virtual assistants can fulfill without any additional training. This makes them the apt choice for managing your eBay accounts.

Similar to any other category you can hire an eBay support on an hourly or monthly basis. This gives you the freedom to customize your package so that there is no unnecessary expenditure. To give you an idea of all the different jobs that our eBay assistants can do for you here is a small list that we have created.

ebay assistant can take care :

  • Sourcing the profitable products
  • Using the Dropship tools to get the products
  • Managing the store
  • Customer service: solving the issues with products/shipping
  • talking to the eBay care for any order related issues
  • Order processing
  • Handling invoices
  • Online inventory management

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