Brand journalist

What is brand journalism?

Brand journalism is a blend of content marketing, public relations, and corporate communications. Brand journalism means marketing through journalism, that is it concentrates on building stories to highlight an organization’s value from a different viewpoint instead of directly promoting the brand via traditional marketing methods or focusing on making a sale.

While traditional journalism centers on the “who, what, when, where, how and why” of an account, brand journalism focuses on the “why” by utilizing interviews and article-based sites that provide journalistic information to establish a product’s features. 

Difference between brand journalism and content marketing

Brand journalism and content marketing have a different set of goals.  While the former aims at building a story to create awareness and an affinity towards a brand. Content marketing is to influence buyer behavior by publishing information to grab the buyer attention to fuel sales.

Brand journalism helps businesses build trust with their content by securing a reputation as reliable media sources for their target audience. Content that is too preachy, too marketing-focused or branded usually comes across as unreliable, including researched information rather than unproven assumptions is a key part of brand journalism.

What does a brand journalist do?

  1. Keep abreast of industry trends,  major publications, and reports
  2. Through their content offer an original, compelling viewpoint on an issue or news story that the target audience would be interested in
  3. Research and provide solutions for industry related issues faced by the target audience
  4. Connecting with the audience and can turn any incident into a great story to influence the targeted viewership
  5. Clearly explain complex concepts to the target audience

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